Pre-Order: M-Tiger LED Mountain Bike Light Head

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M-Tiger Light Heads

This is for Pre-Order: Discount Pricing only available till pre-order ends.  In stock Mid/Late January

For those that have their own batteries and other accessories however want the awesome performance of either a DS, Theia, Or Hyperion this is for you.

These are only the light heads which include:

All lights heads are Neutral White Tint (5000k. Daylight white is available upon request)

  • Either a DS, Theia, or Hyperion (make selection above) light head with wired remote
  • Standard Installed band mount with bands
  • GoPro style mounting adapter to allow mounting to your favorite GoPro mounts
  • Helmet mount strap (for use with included band mount, GoPro compatible version will be available separately soon)
  • Wireless Remote

Does not include case, battery pack, charger, or head strap.

Connector is the threaded type battery connector, will work with snap together/MS style.  We do not guarantee compatibility with all battery packs.  Also using packs other than M-Tiger the performance and run time may vary greatly.  Using only quality battery packs from reputable brands is required to maintain product warranty.